JobsRUs is a job search engine offering both free job posting and sponsored
Campaigns for employers using a cost per click pricing model.We strive to
Connect eager job seekers wiht diverse job opportunities for quality

Looking to fill one job or 1,000? We have options to fit a wide range of needs. Simply login to your account to quickly post an opening manually OR let us set up an XML feed to auto pull&post positions every hour directly from your company carrer site.

Monitor job and applicant activity from our intuitive dashboard to determine what kind of campaign you need to get your desired results.

Receive applicants from free organic postings or set a monthly budget to sponsor jobs for increased visibility to job seekers.

Receive resumes from interested applicants directly to your inbox or review applicants through the dashboard.

Mission accomplished! Positions coming over via XML feed will automatically be updated as closed on JobsRUs once your company closes the position on your carrer site. No need for you to do anything!

When it comes to finding incredible employees to fill exciting professional roles, employers often feel they face a daunting task. While it’s true that that technology has given businesses the access they deserve to reach more potential candidates than ever before, this can also lead to an overwhelming number of options to consider.

So, how do employers go about promoting open positions and attracting qualified candidates in a manageable way online? That’s where JobsRUs comes in.

Free Job Postings That Reach Qualified Employees

Employers who use JobsRUs will have access to an efficient and comprehensive search engine with far-reaching potential. This approach is ideal for those looking for employees suited to company, agency, or specialized recruitment firm qualifications.

JobsRUs provides employers with the opportunity to maximize return on their search by utilizing free job postings and sponsored job postings. Sponsored job postings are effectively managed on a pay per click model, helping to keep costs low for employers and businesses throughout the search process.

Free job listings are not only a budget-friendly route to identifying great potential hires but provide employers with maximum exposure for open roles utilizing multi-engine listings. Employers that take advantage of sponsored positions are able to push available posts out to approximately 10 different networks at a time at an impressive starting rate of only .40 cost per click.

Casting a wide net of potential with JobsRUs gives employers a clear advantage when it comes to getting their open positions in front of qualified and motivated potential employees. The faster a role is found by a prospective hire, the more quickly a business can begin training up those individuals that will help a company thrive well into the future.

Whether employers use free job listings or sponsored job listings, the process of posting the open position through JobsRUs comes with just as many customized options. Those taking a more hands-on approach to the hiring process can manually post positions at will. Others might choose to set up an XML feed so that positions are pulled directly from the employer’s career services job listings. This second option guarantees that open positions are always up to date and current for job seekers on the hunt.

How the Process Works for Employers

Getting free job postings and sponsored job listings out in front of the right candidates is a simple five-step process for employers working with JobsRUs. In just a few clicks, employers will have seamless access to millions of job seekers.

It begins with employers simply logging into their personal account and either posting jobs manually or letting our team set up a direct feed. The second option gives JobsRUs the ability to sift current openings from the employer’s career website and move them to the job board with ease.

Now, employers can keep an eye on their customized dashboard to monitor posted jobs and applicant activity across free job listings and sponsored posts. This gives employers a great idea of how to manage their campaigns. Changes can easily be made depending on results received from free job postings versus results obtained from sponsored posts within a monthly budget.

Applications received from candidates can easily be reviewed through the JobsRUs dashboard or set up to be sent to personal email accounts as an added convenience. Once the perfect candidate has been interviewed and hired, the job will post as closed on JobsRUs as soon as it’s closed on the company website.

JobsRUs is Set Apart from the Rest

At JobsRUs, we understand that employers have options when it comes to posting open positions online. This only elevates our commitment to making sure employers that work with us enjoy the most efficient, user-friendly, and results-driven experience possible.

To achieve this, we offer a pay-per-performance pricing model that allows for maximum flexibility and successful results. While it’s free to post on JobsRUs, if sponsored listings are preferred, they’re always linked to a pay-per-performance standard which means employers only pay when they get results.

When it comes to efficiency, we’ve got employers covered as well. Keyword-based job listings on our site help employers pick out the most relevant job seekers for open positions.

Sponsored Job Listing and Free Job Listings Promoted on Our Site

At JobsRUs, we’ve long been committed to creating an online space where employers can be matched up with exceptional candidates for the roles they need to fill. In the vast majority of cases, this only happens when the possibilities are expanded, and a diverse job lineup is considered.

To that end, our search engine isn’t limited to only one or two specific industries like other job boards but caters to a multitude of career options. These include, but aren’t ever limited to industrial opportunities, administrative careers, tradesman positions, clerical openings, and many more.

Providing a wide array of industry options is a benefit to both employers that partner with JobsRUs and the prospective hires that utilize our search engine to find just the right job. Whether prospective employees are looking to make a big career change, move up in their respective fields or just see what else is out there, employers will have a platform to highlight a comprehensive list of opportunities available at all times.

At JobsRUs, we’re also proud to provide listing opportunities that span all types of job placement options including full-time roles, part-time positions as well as permanent and temporary opportunities. We cater to employers located throughout the United States as well as candidates, making it easier than ever to find just the right employee to take a company to the next level of excellence.

Stay Ahead of the Hiring Curve

When it’s time to change things up and turn a stressful process into an efficient approach to hiring, partnering with JobsRUs is the way to go. Our professional team is passionate about the work we do and always look forward to helping employers find qualified candidates seamlessly.

Our easy-to-use search engine utilizes innovative technology to take the hiring process to the next level. Paired with our budget-friendly and results-driven approach to hiring, finding the right people to elevate your company is easier than ever.