JobsRUs is a job board & job search engine. Employers can post one or hundreds of jobs with ease with manual posts or automated job feeds.
Our job posting services include free organic postings as well as sponsored campaigns. Employers can choose a monthly budget and desired max cost per click to sponsor all or some jobs for increased visibility or can simply take advantage of the free organic postings.

Post Jobs manually or let us set up a free feed directly from your company career page to ensure JobsRUs always reflects the most up to up date job listing.Feeds update several times per day.
Let job seekers apply directly on JobsRUs or direct them back to your site to apply.
Increased Exposure
Sponsored jobs feed to our 15+ partner sites for increased visibility to applicants.

Free organic placement on JobsRUs.
Messaging platform to quickly respond to applicants.
Database for basic applicant management
Analytics dashboardfor tracking job activity and spend.
Contract free-pay as you go-start and stop as needed.
Pay per click-only pay when your job listing is actually viewed by a job seeker.
Budget control ensure younever spend more then you want.

Finding a job can be an overwhelming process for employees, and just as complicated for employers looking to hire the best in their fields. High turnover rates are time-consuming, stressful, and even costly. That’s where JobsRUs can help.

From start to finish, JobsRUs provides employers, recruiters, and agencies with a seamless process for posting jobs and finding great candidates to match the role. JobsRUs functions as a comprehensive job board and search engine designed to make identifying and reaching quality candidates for open positions easier than ever.

An Easy-to-Use Search Engine Showcasing Free and Sponsored Job Postings

While some job posting and career search engines focus on specific career sectors, the team at JobsRUs has crafted a comprehensive platform for employers, job agencies, and recruiters to reach qualified candidates from a myriad of fields and industries. JobsRUs offers options to advertise free job postings as well as sponsored listings that are both effective and budget-friendly.

Many employers, agencies, and recruiters find that the free job postings offered through JobsRUs result in amazing hires. While free job listings are a readily available option, our sponsored job postings also offer maximum exposure on open positions while keeping costs low for companies.

Sponsored listings are meticulously managed on a convenient per-click model. This option provides prime visibility to open positions for employers looking for great employees, while simultaneously working within a cost-effective budget.

Those employers who go the route of sponsored job postings will find listings begin at a base cost of .40 per click. At this predetermined rate, sponsored job postings are pushed out to an average of 10 partner networks!

Employers, agencies, and recruiters know that converting quality candidate applications into successful hires doesn’t just happen on its own. Fortunately, JobsRUs provides employers with the necessary exposure and prime visibility to put open positions in front of the right candidates.

JobsRUs is an accessible and user-friendly place to begin the process of finding just the right employee to fill your open positions. From free job listings to sponsored postings, this platform gives employers the opportunity to not only reach incredible candidates but fill positions more quickly.

Trying to reach a wide audience of potential candidates can be the most time-consuming and frustrating part of filling open positions for employers, agencies, and recruiters. JobsRUs takes the hassle out of reaching qualified candidates specifically through the sponsored listing program.

At the touch of a button, an open job is visible to candidates that might not otherwise be able to access the opportunity. Those employers who use JobsRUs have a choice when it comes to posting open positions. They can either manually post jobs on the site, or have an automatic feed set up that pulls positions from their own career services site and transfers it to JobsRUs as a posting for seamless and current updates.

What is JobsRUs?

JobsRUs is a multi-functional job board and career search engine that helps employers get open positions in front of qualified candidates with ease. It’s a place where employers can fill positions more efficiently and job seekers can access opportunities they might otherwise miss.

This comprehensive job board and search engine provides employers, agencies, and recruiters with options to post free job listings or opt for sponsored job postings to reach a wider audience of potential candidates. Features like free job postings make for budget-friendly opportunities for employers to get positions in front of candidates without having to worry about the process being an overwhelming investment.

Employers that use JobsRUs are free to post any number of jobs on the site either manually or as direct feeds that move open positions from their career services site directly to JobsRUs automatically. All job types are welcome on JobsRUs including full-time, part-time, permanent, and temporary opportunities.

Making JobsRUs even more inclusive is the fact that the platform supports free job postings and sponsored job listings across industries. Exciting opportunities are frequently posted on the platform for openings within light industrial, administrative, clerical, and tradesman sectors just to name a few.

JobsRUs provides employers with job listing services that include free, organic postings as well as sponsored campaigns. Employers have the flexibility to choose a monthly budget and the desired maximum cost per click for individual or multiple postings. Similarly, they have the option to stick with free job listings exclusively if that’s a better choice.

Employers Need Options

Reaching qualified candidates requires an innovative, customizable, and comprehensive outreach platform. That’s exactly what JobsRUs provides to employers, recruiters, and job agencies.

Employers need and deserve smart options when it comes to getting their open positions in front of great candidates. JobsRUs helps employers save on time and money through the process while consistently casting a wide net that reflects current and relevant openings to job seekers.

Those who use JobsRUs to post open roles within their company or business love the fact that our sponsored job program feeds listings to more than 15 of our partner sites for increased applicant visibility. This type of increased exposure is paired with options for job seekers to apply to those same positions directly on the JobsRUs site, or on the listing’s specific career services site.

Flexibility in posting open positions is essential when it comes to successfully transitioning applications into successful hires. At JobsRUs, employers can either manually list their current job opportunities or set up a convenient and automatic feed that rolls openings from their career services site directly to the JobsRUs site. In this way, posted openings are always current and up-to-date.

What JobsRUs Posting Services Include

Those employers looking to get open positions in front of qualified candidates will find our posting services to be comprehensive, easy to use, and just as simple to customize. The inclusion of options like free organic listing placement means employers also save significantly on time and money with JobsRUs.

JobsRUs posting services make ease of communication with applicants a priority. Our streamlined messaging platform allows employers to quickly respond to qualified candidates that put in an application.

Application management and posting analytics are both highlighted through the JobsRUs posting services. The database employers can access to track applications is straightforward while the analytics dashboard keeps employers up to date on the latest applicant activity.

There’s never a contractual obligation for employers that use JobsRUs to post open positions. Instead, our platform works as a contract-free and pay-as-you-go site where employers only pay for those times when applications are actually viewed by candidates. In this way, budget-control is always top of mind and those posting open roles never pay for more than they planned.

The JobsRUs Difference

There’s no need to jump from one job posting site to the next in hopes of getting your open positions in front of a larger audience of candidates when JobsRUs provides a single, comprehensive space to reach your hiring goals. Often, employers, agencies, and recruiters waste precious time looking for a combination of resources to reach potential candidates only to find those candidates have already been selected by other employers during the process.

JobsRUs is a one-stop-shop for employers looking to access millions of job seekers on a single platform. Functioning as an efficient job board and search engine, JobsRUs brings employers and qualified candidates together with ease.

On JobsRUs, it’s free to post and when greater visibility is needed, a position can be transitioned to a sponsored listing that works on a pay-for-performance pricing model. This cohesive process gives employers the flexibility they need and deserve to showcase priority positions that are open while maintaining a budget without any hassle.

Additionally, the keyword-based job listings on JobsRUs help employers match their open roles to the most relevant and qualified job seekers out there. Partnering with JobsRUs is a sure way to take the stress out of the hiring process and turn applications into incredible hires.

Take the Hiring Process from Stressful to Successful with JobsRUs

When you’re ready to get great job opportunities in front of even more qualified candidates, there’s no better place to be than JobsRUs. Our job board and search engine make it simple for employers, agencies, and recruiters to seamlessly turn applications into hires while saving time and money in the process.

JobsRUs is the result of years of expertise when it comes to helping businesses and job seekers connect. While the process of posting and following up with candidates is simplified at JobsRUs, it’s also a platform that caters to postings relevant to every career field!

As comprehensive as it is inclusive, JobsRUs is also proud to be linked to a variety of partner sites which are an integral part of a greater advertising opportunity for employers. Both free job postings and sponsored jobs are reposted to partner sites automatically increasing visibility to candidates.

At JobsRUs, we take the stress out of looking for your next great candidate and instead, transform the process into a manageable and successful endeavor. There’s no reason to look elsewhere when JobsRUs has everything you need to take your hiring process to elevated levels of efficiency. We’re here to help you connect with the qualified candidates your company deserves!